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So – What’s a Tudbink?

Logo, Branding and First Website for Gardening and Landscaping Center.

This was my first question to Van and Beth Binkley when they asked me to showcase their absolutely gorgeous planters, landscaping, greenhouse flowers and sheep (that’s right, I said sheep) in the first ever website for the company.

As it turns out, the name is a contraction of sorts from nicknames of Grandpa “Bink” and Grandma “Tud”.

The name rather contributed to a superficial identity crisis. Tudbinks for many years had been a tomato farm. “Urbanscaping” genius Van decided to employ his artistry in floral and landscaping design for a more esthetic loving audience. Although the “Tudbink Look” – large luscious planters strewn through Lancaster City, country clubs, and upscale estates, was well known, branding was quite another matter.

The logo was designed by Forte Creative. Previously in use was a throwback to the old tomato farm and sported a clump of tomatoes.
To meet the challenge, we settled a logo design that split the two syllables to be more memorable, and fashioned a planter-esque “Tud”. followed by the distinctive “Bink”.

The website that Forte Creative designed, is a work of art – primarily because we just needed an appropriate online canvas to showcase the photography of the floral greenhouse specimens, spectacular planters and gorgeous landscaping.

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